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Brinell Test Blocks

Newage® test blocks for Brinell testing are made of the highest quality steel and aluminum. They provide you with an easy and inexpensive way to verify your Brinell testing system. Brinell blocks serve as precision references, standardized to provide the average hardness of the block surface. Our Brinell blocks are supplied with a nominal value and tolerance. We offer a variety of scales and blocks, including Yamamoto types, available for immediate delivery. Plus, we can help with custom blocks. Each Brinell test block is verified in accordance to ASTM-E10. 

Features & Benefits
  • Verified in accordance with ASTM-E10
  • Yamamoto and standard blocks
  • 5/8” thickness
  • Calibrated with 10mm tungsten carbide indenter 
  • Wide selection of HB values available
  • Custom and special order blocks available
 Brinell Test Block

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