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Rockwell Accessories for Indentron Series Hardness Testers

Newage Testing Instruments provides an assortment of accessories for all your Rockwell testing. The following is a list of the most common accessories available. Don’t see what you need? Please contact Newage Testing Instruments for assistance

INDENTRON Series Accessories
Part No. Description
8103-07 Indenter, diamond, C & A scales, with certificate
8105-07 Indenter, diamond, C, N & A scales, with certificate
8109-07 Indenter, diamond, N scale, with certificate
8110-07 Indenter, dimaond, C scale, with certificate
8111S Indenter, steel, 1/16", with certificate, with 50 extra balls
8111W07 Indenter, tungsten carbide, 1/16", with certificate
8112S Indenter, steel, 1/8", with certificate, with 10 extra balls
8112W07 Indenter, tungsten carbide, 1/8", with certificate
8113S Indenter, steel, 1/4"
8113W07 Indenter, tungsten carbide, 1/4", with certificate
8114S Indenter, steel, 1/2"
8114W07 Indenter, tungsten carbide, 1/2", with certificate
AT/5116S Ball component, steel, 1/16", 50 balls
AT/5116W Ball component, tungsten carbide, 1/16", with certificate
AT/5117S Ball component, steel, 1/8", 10 balls
AT/5117W Ball component, tungsten carbide, 1/8", with certificate
AT/5121S Ball component, steel, 1/4", 10 balls
AT/5121W Ball component, tungsten carbide, 1/4", with certificate
9012 Fixture, jominy, manually-operated
AT130-PR Printer, serial, with cable, for plain paper
ATD98 Cable, for printer AT130-PR, 6ft (2m) length, 25-pin
AT-5323 Adapter, anvil, use with anvils in 3/4" holes
NI-07 Adapter, for use with Wilson A-style indenter
NI-08 Indenter gripsel
NI-130-B Cabinet, flor-standing, with locking door and drawer
NI-5510 Lamp, goose-neck style
NI-SP10 Anvil table, 8"
NI-SP11 Workrest, short
NI-SP12 Workrest, extended, 405 in/lb capacity
NI-SP13A Anvil, flat, 3/4" post-type for external jack support
NI-SP13B Anvil, spot and vee combination
NI-SP17 Anvil, vee, self-aligning cylinder-type, for NI-SP11 and NI-SP12
NI-SP18 Jack support, external, for 10" capacity tester (requires anvils - not included)
NI-SP19 Anvil, cylinder, adjustable, 3/4" post-type for external jack support
NI-SP20 Cover, vinyl, for tester only
NI-SP21 Anvil, diamond, spot-type
NI-SP22 Adapter, clamping, for any INDENTRON tester, includes extended C scale diamond and 1/16" ball indenter
NI-SP22A-07 Indenter, diamond, special, for use with NI-SP22 clamping adapter
NI-SP25 Anvil, spot, 2" extended, includes locking ring
NI-SP3 Indenter, diamond, short form type
NI-SP4 Indenter, tungsten carbide, 1/16", short form type

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