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MS-ZH Microhardness Testers

The MS-ZH series is offered in Stand-alone manual versions, Computer assisted variants for semi-automated testing and Fully automatic hardness testing systems.

The MS-ZH Microhardness Testing System provides accurate loads using dead weight and automated switching between each of the testers nine test loads from 10 to 2000 grams.

The MS-ZH Series motorized turret for switching between indenter and objective positions, incorporates capacity for two indenters and four objectives, with one indenter and both 10x and 40x objectives included as standard.

Reliable LED illumination system makes the MS-ZH ideally suited for a wide variety of applications and comes complete with PC based C.A.M.S. which provides on-screen viewing and measuring of conventional Microhardness test impressions.

The MS-ZH Series conforms to the optical hardness test methods Vickers and Knoop to ISO and ASTM standards.

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