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Newage Testing Instruments is expert in hardness testing and a leading innovator in solving hardness testing and characterization problems for over 50 years. We manufacture hardness testers and durometers, in accordance to ASTM and ISO standards for Rockwell, Brinell, Knoop and Vickers application, plus Durometers for testing rubber and other materials to ASTM and IRHD standards.

We also provide a complete array of accessories, including software application packages for analysis, optical scopes, blocks, indenter, anvils, etc. We specialize in engineering and manufacturing custom automated testing systems and providing system integration services that are uniquely engineered to meet your exact testing requirements.

And Newage Testing Instruments can provide you with preventative maintenance services, calibrations, proficiency testing and emergency services for your Newage or competitive hardness testing instrumentation.

Our products include:

Our services include:

History of Newage Testing Instruments, Inc.
Newage Testing Instruments was founded in 1954, originally named NewAge Industries, Inc. During the company’s early years, NewAge Industries produced metal hardness testers. Among the first hardness testers was the portable “Press-and-Read” testers marked under the models SR and MR Series. These handheld testers included an integral Rockwell scale, an indenter and sophisticated spring mechanism that displayed a Rockwell hardness result when the instrument was “pressed” onto a metal surface.

Through 2000, NewAge Industries continued to develop and introduce hardness testing instrumentation for metals for various testing methods: Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Knoop etc. The company also introduced durometers used for testing the hardness of rubberized materials. During these formidable years, the company expanded its manufacturing capability and built a strong reputation for quality, reliability and service.

In 2000, Newage Testing Instruments, Inc. was formed and the company became an independent entity- no longer part of the original NewAge Industries company.

In 2008, AMETEK acquired the Newage Testing Instrument company. The company became part of AMETEK’s Measurement and Calibration Technologies division, along with industry-leading brands including Chatillon and Lloyd Instruments. The division’s material testing business unit offers an impressive array of products and systems designed for material testing and characterization.

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